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The Fårö Framtid Society

Fårö Framtid is a society founded in March 1998. The purpose was to form an umbrella organization which could represent the local community in matters concerning the island. The society consists of representatives from the local history association, the society of common land on Fårö and the community-development society on Fårö. 

The organization works for more vacant work opportunities and a long-term durable development of Fårö. Developing tourism, agriculture and other businesses and still guarding the nature and culture of the island.

Visitors information

The island of Fårö is situated far out at sea. Wind and waves have helped to form the limestone rock, creating not only sea stacks and pebble fields, but the entire small-scale and timeless landscape. The sea has been the saviour of the inhabitants of Fårö in times of need; the sea gave their life meaning and content. When the dry heaths and sparse forests could not provide sufficient pasture for the animals, and the stony fields failed to produce sufficient harvests, Baltic herring and cod were always available from the sea, as well as seal from the shore or ice. The sea was their saviour, enticing men to adventure, leaving women anxiously waiting. Today conditions have changed. The unassuming fields are cultivated with tractors; motor saws, instead of axes, can be heard in the forests; pastures are not only used for sheep but also for up-todate cattle. Fishing is mainly a hobby; seals no longer lie on the rocks on the shore. The huts of the former fishing hamlets have been converted into summer chalets; holidaymaking makes demands on ever expanding areas and the inhabitants of Fårö have had to learn to live with extreme fluctuations from season to season.

Download our brochure in pdf-format containing 20 pages of useful information about Fårö.

Support The Fårö Framtid Society

If you would like so support our work and become a member of the organization, put SEK150 in bank giro account nr. 5789-2515

Fårönight 2020

See the program .

Information on the Island

Nearby the church on Fårö, there is an information board where you can get information about what to see and do on the island.


If you have any ideas of what we can do to accomplish changes, arrange activities or if you have any other requests regarding Fårö´s future, don´t hesitate to contact anyone from the commitee.

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